The Rules and Regulations of Backgammon Doubling

The Rules and Regulations of Backgammon Doubling

Backgammon is one of the easiest board games that has ever been invented and even the difficult features of this game seem easy after a short while. Today we will focus on a little feature in the game that can make a big difference especially when money is involved in the bet. This Backgammon feature is called the Backgammon doubling. We will introduce you to this feature of Backgammon and give you the most important rules and regulations concerning Backgammon doubling.

Backgammon doubling works with the doubling dice. This dice is slightly larger than the ordinary Backgammon dice and has numbers up to 32 written on it. Before discussing the actual use of the Backgammon doubling dice, you have to get to know the Backgammon point system a little better. Each game is worth one point, which means that if you win, you win by one point and if you lose, you lose by one point. The Backgammon doubling cube however can increase the number of points that can be won per game. This enables the player to win a much bigger amount than would have been possible under normal circumstances.

During the game, both players can make use of the Backgammon doubling dice first, and the first number to double the game on is two, which means that the end points are equal to two. Player A for example has requested for a doubling and it is now up to player B to accept or reject. If player B rejects, then the game is over and player B resigned causing player A to win only the original one point and player B to lose one point. If player B however accepts the proposal, the doubling dice goes into the control of player B and only player B may choose to double next and if player B chooses to double and player A accepts, the control over the dice goes back to player A.

The Backgammon doubling dice will double into a 2, then a 4, then 8, 16,32 and finally 64. These will also be the number of points the winning player will receive depending on the in game doubling that has been accepted. Backgammon doubling is a very useful feature in tournaments and money games because by increasing the wager, you increase the money that you could possibly win at the end of the game.

The Backgammon doubling feature as you now know can change the prospect of winning the game in a big way. You can now win much more than before the doubling feature and you can even maximize your wager in money games by using the Backgammon doubling tool to your advantage.