The Basic Strategies of Backgammon

The Basic Strategies of Backgammon

Since everyone will have to go through each of the basic strategies of backgammon, it is well to invest in understanding these basic strategies. Here's a description of the basic strategies of backgammon.

The running game is the simplest among the fundamental strategies of backgammon. Since the original idea behind backgammon is a race to see which player gets to bear off all checkers, the running game builds on this idea as one of the basic strategies of the game.

The running game is a great option if you are ahead in the pip count. A good old-fashioned running game would be your only option among the basic strategies if there were no longer any contact between your pieces and your opponent's backgammon checkers.

The holding game is also one of the basic strategies in backgammon. This particular strategy is useful when you are behind in the pip count. The idea behind the holding game is to control a point in your opponent's side of the board.

The holding game is one that is really tactical among the basic strategies of backgammon. The holding game takes positional advantage and adds chances for you to hit your opponent's blots on the backgammon board.

The bar points on the backgammon board and your 20-point are excellent places to set up your anchors when playing the holding game. The holding game is a great strategy to switch to when choosing among the basic strategies of backgammon.

If your dice rolls give you the chance to form a prime, then a priming game is great option among the basic strategies. A prime is a row of points, and a priming game takes advantage of a prime to trap your opponent's checkers.

One rule behind the priming game among the basic strategies is that the longer your prime is the better it would be for you. If you are able to set up a six-point prime on the backgammon board, you instantly become the favorite to win that game.

The backgammon blitz uses aggressive play among the basic strategies. The idea behind the backgammon bliz is to hit as much of your opponent's backgammon checkers as you can. The blitz is not a shoot now and ask questions later type of strategy, it rather aims to send a lot of your opponent's checkers to the bar to enable your own checkers to move around.

Among the basic strategies the back game has a negative appeal to it. Since the idea behind this strategy is to hit late in the game and keep your opponent's backgammon checkers trapped while moving your checkers. It takes quite a toll on your luck at times. The back game is executed by maintaining two or more points in your opponent's home board.

Take time to understand the basic strategies of backgammon. They will prove to be a great investment if you want to play backgammon more seriously.