Tabula: A Popular Variation of Backgammon

Tabula: A Popular Variation of Backgammon

An exciting, challenging and inviting board game, backgammon attracts many players in the world because it can be played both as a home game and as a gambling game. Even if backgammon is not that popular as other board games like chess, many players still explore other variations of backgammon that will give them better chances of winning and enhance their gaming experiences. Hence, one of the popular and exciting variations of backgammon that gamblers should try is tabula.

Identified as the oldest variation of backgammon, tabula originated in ancient Greece at about 480 A.D. Despite its development in Greece, tabula became popular when it was introduced in England several decades after its creation. According to ancient records, the mechanics and game play of this variation is similar with the basics in playing classic backgammon.

How to Play Tabula

Players use a standard backgammon board in playing tabula. However, in this game, players use three dice instead of two, which modern backgammon players use. Players position their checkers at their home boards to mark the start of the game. From the starting positions of checkers, the objective is to outrace opposing checkers in reaching the other side of the board by removing the opposing checkers.

Each player throws the dice and the one who gets higher dice score has the privilege to make the first move. Players move at most three checkers base the numbers the dice roll shows. For example, if the dice roll of player shows one, three and five, that player can put a checker at first point, another checker on the third point and another checker at the fifth point. On the succeeding dice roll, players can move the previous checkers or they can enter new checkers in the board.

Since tabula has similarities with classic backgammon, the standard backgammon rules in hitting, entering the bar and bearing-off checkers apply in this variation. The first player to move all their checkers at their opponent's outer row or the player to bear off all the opposing checkers wins the game.

Tabula is a unique and exciting variation of backgammon. Since its rules are similar with classic backgammon, players will not have a hard time learning its basic aspects and elements. Hence, to win in games that feature tabula, players need to master some of the effective and strong backgammon strategies. As soon as they have ample understanding on the rules and strategies in this variant, players can participate in tabula money games.