Goals for the Opening Plays in Backgammon

Goals for the Opening Plays in Backgammon

The opening play in backgammon is a crucial part of the game. It is very hard to redeem your game if you mess up from the start. When deciding how to play the very first few rolls of a backgammon game it will be very useful if you have an idea what to accomplish. Having goals for the initial stages of a backgammon game will give you a good start set you up for a winning finish.

First goal you might like to remember is to make points on the backgammon board. If you have an opening roll that lets you make a point on your home board then take it. Making more points in the home board puts your opponent in a position that will allow only conservative plays. This means that your opponent has to worry about leaving blots on the backgammon board.

If you are able to gain more home board points early in a game of backgammon , your opponent will have to think twice about leaving blots since it'll be harder to enter them if they get hit. This is a great goal if you are able to do this in the opening play.

Anothe goal you may want to keep is to escape your back checkers. When your only feasible opening play is to run a back checker (e.g. five-six opening roll) then stick with it. By achieving this puts you in the lead in the backgammon race. It is really a lot tougher for your opponent to contain a single backgammon checker than a couple of them.

If are able to establish points in the opening play that can potentially build a prime (e.g. six-one opening roll) remember to control the following points according to their order of importance in backgammon: the five-point, four-point, and the bar-point. This is a crucial goal to keep so you can take strategic positions on the backgammon board.

Another goal in the opening play you might like to keep in mind would be to control key points on your opponent's side of the backgammon board. There'll be times when you can't escape a back checker or a checker gets hit and and entered in the opening play.

By occupying the five-point, the four-point, or the bar-point is a great get back after your checker gets sent to the bar.

These are only a few great goals you might want to keep during the first few opening plays in backgammon. Keeping these goals in mind help with decisions during the early stages of a backgammon game.