Necessary Equipment for Your Backgammon Game Set

Necessary Equipment for Your Backgammon Game Set

Nothing really beats playing backgammon on a traditional wooden board. For some, it brings back old memories and still others see how the game originally was. If you're out to find a backgammon game set of your very own here's a simple checklist of equipment that you'll need.

Backgammon board: Different backgammon game sets will come with different backgammon boards. These usually come in different sizes, but we recommend the medium and large sized boards since they are a lot easier to use than the pocket-sized models. Boards will either be made of wood or plastic or both. Your board most likely can be folded in half like a brief case and you'll see the triangles on the inside. This is the equipment that brings elegance to your backgammon game set.

Checker Pieces: Your backgammon game set will not be complete without the checker pieces. Your set should come with 30 of these to be correct. The checker pieces will come in two colors, 15 per color it comes in. Check these pieces if they're smooth and large enough so you won't have problems moving them around on the board. Checker pieces may be made out of wood or plastic as well.

The main issue is the ease with which you can move them, the material they're made only comes in second. The colors of the checker pieces should be one that you like, after all, why spend on a backgammon game set when you don't like the game pieces you're playing with.

Game dice and dice shakers: Your backgammon game set will come with four dice and a couple of dice shakers. Each player should have his own set of dice to use when playing the game. The dice are integral pieces of equipment in your backgammon game set. You stand to lose or win with the roll of the dice. Inspect the dice if they're of fine quality. Check each face and the pips on them, also, make sure that you can easily spot how many pips there are. This means that the dice in a particular backgammon game set shouldn't be too small.

Your backgammon game set should also contain a pair of dice shakers. These would serve to ensure that both players would always make a clean fair throw of the dice as the game goes along.

Doubling Cube: You might wonder about the fifth odd-looking dice in your backgammon game set. The doubling cube would will have numbers on it instead pips. It is used to increase the stakes or points that a player can get after a single game.

These are the pieces of equipment that you'll find in your set. Choose one of the right size and quality that suits you.