Backgammon Etiquette What Players Ought to Do

Backgammon Etiquette What Players Ought to Do

There may not be a standard code for backgammon etiquette but there are very important unwritten laws of proper behavior that need to be followed by all players. Like any sport, game, or social function the rules on etiquette may not be written down on some paper we can read but everyone is expected to know them and follow them. The same is also true with backgammon etiquette, everyone will be expected to follow these rules like the regular rules during a match.

Here's a short list of things every player shouldn't forget not to do when you play a game of backgammon. This list of rules on backgammon etiquette may not be totally comprehensive but they apply to casual games between friends or to competitions and tournaments. The objective of these rules on backgammon etiquette is not so much for us to strike a good impression but simply to be honest, fair, and polite to the other player on the other side of the table.

Here's a list of things every player ought to do that constitutes proper backgammon etiquette:

1. Remember to greet the other guy on the other side of the table (i.e. your opponent) in a cordial and friendly manner. It doesn't have to be any formal greeting, but simply just acknowledge his presence. You can say hi or any friendly greeting will do. It is also correct if you wish them luck or shake hands if you prefer such.

2. During the game, when you offer to double remember to do it gently. Some people get over excited and kind of overwhelmingly declare it. That may all be quite innocent, but it may be interpreted as something rude. What you ought to do is to just gently declare "double". If your opponent doubles and if you take, just simply say "take" and place the cube on your side. The same also applies if you pass or drop.

3. Never shake your dice when your opponent is thinking about his next move or is making plays. It distracts the other fellow. It is best to just relax and let your opponent think things through.

4. If ever you play in a tournament, both players should score as the game goes along. Acknowledge the score if your opponent correctly announces it.

5. When the game is over thank your opponent for playing. If you were the one who lost you may congratulate your opponent. Just remember that saying "good match" when your opponent actually messed up big time is uncalled for. There's no room for sarcasm when you're trying to be a good sport. It surely is a poor display of backgammon etiquette.

These rules on backgammon etiquette are just as important as other rules. These ensure an honest and fair game.

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