Backgammon Basics: Starting the Game

Backgammon Basics: Starting the Game

The rules of backgammon are really very simple especially when starting the game. After a few tries this part of a backgammon game will just be a breeze. Here's a little help with starting the game.

A little reminder, before we can proceed to starting the game -- you will need to learn how to set up a backgammon board first. Once the backgammon board is set up and the rest of your equipment is ready (i.e. dice and doubling cube) we can move off to starting the game. That will be very simple once you get to try it a few times.

After the backgammon board has been set up, players proceed to starting the game. Each player will roll one dice to determine who moves checkers first. In case both players come up with a tie on this roll, they would have to roll again until one backgammon player rolls higher than the other.

This part of starting the game is called the opening roll. The player who rolls the higher number on one dice gets to move checkers first. During the game, both backgammon players will alternate or take turns rolling dice and moving checkers.

Here is one peculiar part of starting a game of backgammon. During the opening roll, the player who gets to move checkers first will have to use the results of the opening roll to make his first move. Since both players will roll the dice again in case of a tie in the opening roll, it is impossible that the player who makes the first move to get a double on the dice.

This only gives starting player only 15 possible combinations that a player can get when he plays the opening roll in backgammon. Since this is the case, you can readily expect that the opening rolls in backgammon have been studied out and analyzed by many experets.

There are at least two things you might like to study when dealing with starting the game in backgammon. First thing you might like to consider learning is how to play the opening rolls. Each of the 15 possible combinations have been studied and experts have given their recommendations as to how to play each opening roll.

The next item you would need to learn is the replies to the opening rolls. Since we don't get to make the first move every time, it'll be very useful to know how to play the replies to backgammon opening rolls.

The rules of backgammon are pretty easy so is starting the game. How to play the opening rolls and the replies to the opening rolls are just as important in the opening stage of a backgammon game.