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  • Opening Roll Analysis
    There are many options open to us when we play the four-three opening roll in backgammon. Your best options are to split the back checkers and to bring down a builder from the mid-point. Just remember that each play involves certain risks while bearing its own strengths.

  • Backgammon Basics: Starting the Game
    The first part of a backgammon game is obviously starting the game. The opening rolls and the replies to the opening rolls are important items in the initial stage of a backgammon game.

  • Etiquette
    Every player is expected to follow proper backgammon etiquette. These rules are just as important as the other rules of the game. You're sure to have an honest and fair match if both players keep them.

  • Backgammon Intro
    Backgammon is a fun and interesting game. It started in MEsopotamia, and experienced a renewed surge in interest with the birth of the Internet. The backgammon enthusiast will surely find a lot of helpful information in the Net, since there are a lot of helpful sites out there that can provide tips on how to play the game, and how to play it better.

  • Myths Exposed
    As one of the oldest board games in history, backgammon has generated its own myths. For a new player, it is important to learn the facts before these misconceptions affect his game play.

  • Opening Strategies
    The opening plays of a backgammon game are crucial. It will be pretty hard to recover from a bad start if you don't know what goals you should achieve in the opening play. Keeping the goals of the opening plays in backgammon sets you up for a great winning finish.

  • Backgammon Checkers
    How we move our backgammon checkers are covered by four game rules. We may have to actually play several games before we actually apply them. But by doing so, we will find the strategic applications these rules imply.

  • Backgammon History
    Modern backgammon history traces the ups and downs of today's popular backgammon game. From the introduction of the doubling cube to the advent of computer and Internet technology we can trace a general advancement of backgammon as one of the really popular games in history.

  • Backgammon Board
    Are you looking for a backgammon game set? When you're out looking for one, choose one that has all the necessary pieces in it. It should be of the right size and of a quality that you'll really like.

  • Optional Rules
    Other than the regular rules that cover the ins and outs of a backgammon game there are other rules that are considered optional or deemed as miscellaneous. These rules may or may not apply depending on the tournament you're playing in or which rules your backgammon club/organization accepts.

  • Tabula: A Popular Variation of Backgammon
    Tabula is an exciting, unique and popular variation of backgammon. Those who want to try this game have nothing to worry since it has similar rules with classic backgammon. Hence, to win in tabula, players need to master some strategies that will help them position their checkers in advantageous squares.

  • Basic Strategy
    Every player would have to learn the basic strategies of backgammon. Every backgammon player should have a working knowledge of a running game, the blitz, priming game, back game, and the holding game as basic strategies.

  • The Rules and Regulations of Backgammon Doubling
    The Backgammon doubling feature can help you to greater advantages and greater victories in the game of Backgammon. You simply have to double your stake and thus you are doubling the points or the wager that you can possibly win.

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