Modern Backgammon History

Modern Backgammon History

Backgammon is a really popular game nowadays with games played in both in live and online tournaments and one on one games. It can be played for money (since backgammon has really deep roots in gambling) or just for fun. We'll trace the eventual global increase in backgammon's popularity through its modern history.

In the 1920's a huge major step was made in backgammon game play. It is believed that the doubling cube was introduced at this time. It is believed that an unknown player and gambler introduced it in New York City.

The introduction of the doubling cube was a turning point in modern backgammon history. The doubling cube enhanced the skill side of the backgammon game. Thus the game became more marketable and soon backgammon was fast becoming a popular pastime.

During this point in modern backgammon history backgammon was still mostly played among the upper class. Games were usually held in private clubs. Though that was the case an effort was made to introduce the game to other groups. This part of backgammon history was marked by some publications promoting the game.

In 1931 another step was taken in backgammon history. The rules of backgammon were modified in the United States and appear to be what we are generally using today.

Backgammon's popularity took a little dip during the great depression when people were more distressed and were looking for ways to survive rather than entertain themselves.

Moving forward a bit in history, backgammon saw a bit of improvement in its popularity in the 1940's. But this took another fall during the Second World War.

In the 60's, backgammon moved up a gear with the commencement of the World Championships. This tournament stands as an icon for the game and is highly anticipated today. This was a big leap in modern backgammon history.

The 1970's part of the history of the game saw a huge increase in popularity. More tournaments were held, books, newspaper columns, and magazines were published on backgammon. There were more middle class players now in this era.

In the 1980's backgammon took a little sidestep and let video games take the lead among the younger generation. That lead would be soon regained through computer backgammon. Players gained further knowledge of the game by the rollouts done by computer programs that saved a lot of time for game analysis.

From the 90's to the present day history, Internet backgammon has bolstered the game even further. We now have servers that host backgammon games and matches and we have the ability to play with other players across the globe.

Modern backgammon history had its ups and downs. Nowadays, backgammon is ever moving forward with the help of computers and the Internet.

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