Exposing Backgammon Myths

Exposing Backgammon Myths

As with other board games, backgammon has, over the years, attracted a whole slew of theories which help players improve their skill. Unfortunately it has also generated myths and fallacies.

Some of the most popular Backgammon myths concern the gameplay. For instance, there is the belief that the game is based purely on luck. It is true that a great deal of what will happen in Backgammon is dependent on the dice rolls, and the higher numbered rolls the better. But all the best dice rolls in the world would mean absolutely nothing if you do not strategize.

If you get high rolls early, you can concentrate on attacking your opponent and getting your checkers off. But if you get low numbers, you must know how to improvise. If you do not know how to create primes or utilize the back game, the game will be lost. It should also be stressed that high number rolls must be sued wisely too; if you are ahead in the pip count, it does not make sense to trap your opponents; just bear off your pieces.

Backgammon, it is true, is dependent on chance, but a great of strategy is required to be a good player.

Another popular Backgammon myth is that the great players have discovered the "technique" to beat the game. There is no truth to this. There are several ways to win in Backgammon, but there is no one way to consistently win. Common sense will tell you that, unless you can control the dice roll, you cannot win all the time.

One more Backgammon myth that we can dispel is that the secret to winning is to play all the time. True, practicing the game helps a player develop a feel for the game and can enhance his skills. But the professionals also spend a lot of time researching.

Along with playing, it is imperative for a would be player to scrutinize the rules, the facts and the strategies; a player will know, through reading, how the odds and percentages work out, when and when not to use the doubling cube etc. if you do not know the odds and percentages, it does not matter if you play 24/7; you will not get far in a tourney.

Some players are also under the impression that once Backgammon is learned, they can easily master the other variants. It is not so, because Backgammon variants like Hypergammon, Nackgammon etc employ different sets of rules, and the strategies that apply to Backgammon do not necessarily work there.

Other Backgammon myths say online games are rigged. Actually this myth applies to nearly all online games of chance. This simiply does not make sense, because the moment players realize the game is rigged, they wlll shy away from the site. it is to the best interest of Backgammon websites to make sure their games are top notched and reliable.

Despite the prevalence of these myths, it is fairly easy for a player to discover the truth about them. Just concentrate on improving your skills, and ignore these myths. Do not let them distract your attention from the game.